Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) presented its September 2023 exhibitions on September 23, 2023. The exhibitions will run through October 27, 2023 

LAAA September 2023 Exhibitions

The four solo shows feature artworks by Karen Hochman Brown, Peter Hiers, Ted Rigoni as well as Sean Yang. The exhibitions will run through October 27, 2023.

Karen Hochman Brown

Early into the pandemic, as the world grappled with confinement, Karen Hochman Brown went to work. The aritst navigated through memories, journeying across global terrains via her expansive photographic archives. From these images, she sculpted vast aerial vistas, horizon-less and free and the result is her new exhibit Cloud Renewal. These creations echo a communal desire to escape to boundless spaces, even if only through imagination.

LAAA September 2023 Exhibitions

Artwork by Karen Hochman Brown

During the pandemic’s peak Hochman Brown relocated to Kauai, Hawaii, where she expanded upon these original artworks. The islands, renowned for their stunning panoramas and spiritual tranquility, imprinted on her art. Her signature cloudscapes, now juxtaposed with ocean and earth, began to adopt softer, more spherical motifs—hints of alternate worlds beyond our tumultuous one. An evocative memory she shared about a stone sculpture in Kauai serves as a metaphor for her artistic evolution: the stone, a symbol of stability, and the drilled tunnel, a portal to serenity. Accompanying these core pieces are animated artworks as well as mixed media constructions that take you on a trip through clouds around the globe while keeping save inside a resin bubble.

Peter Hiers 

This artist’s new exhibition Burning Question features a body of work made from tire fragments he finds along highways. Hiers explores contradictory feelings about modern existence, knowing that his conveniences of today come at a cost to other life forms and to long-term human survival. Hiers enjoys this material for its alluringly ripped and flexible textures and for its metaphorical richness and vocabulary for a range of formal and conceptual expression. When gathering the rubber along the highways with traffic speeding past him, the air and ground vibrating as he encounters endless detritus and road-kill, Hiers reveals the violent tension between contemporary culture and the natural world.

Ted Rigoni

Isolated and unforgiving lands within the Mojave Desert reveal the untold stories of their past. His new exhibit Bygone Patterns represents a contemporary artistic presentation of the Mojave’s remains. The result is a modern-day re-purposing of the discarded and forgotten metals, using today’s modern digital ‘implements.’ The basis of each work is a single digital image of a castoff piece of metal or machine, now regenerated into an artistic, patterned representation obscuring its origins to all but the most imaginative.

Sean Yang 

A Korean American, born in 1979, Sean Yang is a Los Angeles-based artist. His art practice revolves around sculptural ceramics as well as mixed media works. He uses multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary methods to investigate social and internal space. He exploits the tension between the reproducible and the handmade object. This is done, in order to examine social control, collective unconsciousness, individual identity, socio-cultural transformation.

Los Angeles Art Association

LAAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide opportunities, resources, services for emerging Los Angeles artists of all media. LAAA began as a civic art institution in the 1920s, connecting elite art interests to Hollywood collectors, emerging after World War II as the center of Los Angeles modernism and finally becoming the city’s nexus for emerging artists of all media. Furthermore the nonprofit serves as a dynamic force for contemporary ideas, outreach, and community. Gallery 825 and Los Angeles Art Association are located in the heart of La Cienega Boulevard’s Restaurant Row at 825 North La Cienega Bl., Los Angeles, CA 90069. Gallery hours are by appointment. Please call 310.652.8272 or visit www.laaa.org

On view: September 23, 2023 –  October 27, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Gallery 825, 825 N. La Cienega Boulevard,, LA, 90069
When: Running through October 27 2023
Website: https://www.laaa.org

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