As we all know, during this corona crisis, frontline workers such as Medical  & Healthcare Workers, or any at-risk employees, are overwhelmed, while many of us are stuck at home feeling helpless. Workers on the frontline don’t have time to shop, or prepare their own meals. What is needed most is supplies. Fuel the Frontline was created by Amy Ogden, and Erika Wasser.

“We were home, feeling overwhelmed by the news, and felt maybe even a little helpless. We knew we wanted to help, but didn’t know how as the responsible place to be was our respective living rooms. When Amy’s brother Ken text her how difficult it was to meal prep, stock, and function around long hours as a still operating sanitation worker in Jacksonville, FL – #FuelTheFrontline was born.

Then reality hit. If we were really going to do this, we were going to need help: brains, bodies, supplies… all of it. Within 72 hours of inception, more people have come to the call than we could have imagined. Incredible supply partners, talented friends, and ready-to-help family all thrilled to do a very small gesture towards Fueling The Frontline.”

Help support the cause now –