Written by An Bar

Kurt Cobain: Montage of sundance2Heck
Premiere at Sundance Film Festival 2015
DIRECTOR: Brett Morgen

Film Review by Anya Baroff
Photos: Kayte Methven

See image: Courtney Love; Director, Frances Bean Cobain; Director, Brett Morgen;

Producer, Francis Bean Cobain, fashion designer Jeremy Scott, and director Brett Morgen Showed up to the Sundance Film Festival premiere in Park City on Saturday January 24th.

The introspective HBO rock doc documents the psychological journey through Cobain’s life from childhood to his early death.

The documentary gives a firsthand perspective of Cobain’s difficulties transitioning from a life in a broken home to his youthful fits of destructive rebellion. The montage sets up a holistic story from the Nirvana front-man’s own words, original art, songs and journal writings.

In the first fully-authorized documentary, animations and recorded interviews showcase the psychological paradoxes of Cobain’s personality and his struggles to reconcile the dichotomy of his own emotional isolation and his implicit need for compassionate.

The fragility of Cobain’s life is detailed through the highs and lows of both his musical journey and family life. Through the onscreen interplay of varying media, the film unequivocally shines a new light on Cobain’s inner-struggle and progressive insights.

sundanceThe 120-minute montage documents Cobain’s enduring sensitivity to criticism sharpened by media attention as well as his personal defeats via family turmoil, drug use, and defamation in the press.

See image: Nirvana co-founder and bassist, Krist Novoselic

Interviews with wife Courtney Love, mother Wendy O’Connor and Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic shine a new light on Cobain’s external passions and emotional spirals which give personal perspectives into the mind of Kurt Cobain.