David Kordansky celebrated 20 years with a group exhibition titled 20 on July 8, 2023. Stop in to view the show through August 19, 2023

David Kordansky 20 Years

Since 2003, when it first opened in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, David Kordansky Gallery has grown into one of the defining galleries of its generation. It also stands out as a gallery that comprehensively embodies concurrent transformations in the Los Angeles art world and beyond. 20 provides an up-to-the-moment snapshot of the gallery’s program. Hence the exhibition highlights the dialogues, correspondences, and distinctions between the members of its diverse community of artists. 20 features many works created especially for this occasion. The exhibition also provides windows into the minds of artists who interact with the world, their chosen materials, and their ideas and impressions in singular ways. 

David Kordansky 20 Years

Derek Fordjour, Anniversary, 2023, acrylic, charcoal, cardboard, oil pastel, and foil on newspaper mounted on canvas, 62 1/4 x 92 1/4 inches (158.1 x 234.3 cm). Photo: Daniel Greer

From Culver City to Mid-City

As the gallery expanded in the period between 2008 to 2014, it established itself in a larger space in the Culver City neighborhood. Within the new community, the gallery’s reach and its impact grew, producing ambitious shows, and encouraging artists to realize complex, large-scale, genre-defying projects. In 2014 the gallery moved to its current Los Angeles home in Mid-City. It also expanded to New York in 2022.

20 includes works by Los Angeles-based artists born in the 1990s like Mario Ayala and Lucy Bull, in addition to internationally recognized icons like Sam Gilliam and Betty Woodman. The latter were born in the 1930s and have impacted the trajectory of twentieth and twenty-first century art in influential and documented ways.

Showcasing such juxtapositions has long been one of the gallery’s primary aims. One of its first shows in 2003 featured the Los Angeles-based filmmaker, photographer, and writer William E. Jones, who is represented in 20.  Jones debuts a new series of paintings—a move that captures both the historical spirit and present-centered experimentation that animate the exhibition and underscores the gallery’s openness to regeneration.

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On view: July 8, 2-23 – August 19, 2023

What: 20, group exhibition
Where: David Kordansky Gallery, 5130 W. Edgewood Pl., LA, 90019
When: Running through August 19, 2023
Website: https://www.davidkordanskygallery.com