Shulamit Nazarian debuts new exhibitions – Rabid Heart, an exhibition by Philadelphia-based artist Coady Brown, and Seeds, a two-person exhibition featuring the works of Los Angeles artists Fay Ray and Daniel Gibson. An opening reception will be held on April 8, 2023.  Both exhibitions will remain on view through May 13, 2023.

Artwork by Coady Brown, tbc 052, image detail

Rabid Heart

This exhibition marks Coady Brown’s second solo show with the gallery. Brown’s paintings thoughtfully orchestrate psychologically charged environments that pulse with a sense of cinematic mystery and wonder. The figures that inhabit this world are rendered with a careful awareness of the politics inherent in depicting feminine and androgynous figures, illustrating a dedication to methods of representation that shield figures from the binds of voyeurism and over-determination. The paintings presented hone the artist’s long-standing commitment to depicting wholly autonomous figures, cultivating and preserving an interior psychology impermeable to the viewer and artist alike. Rabid Heart celebrates the uninhibited passion, verve, and power these figures retain, regardless of those watching.


Joining Fay Ray’s suspended sculptures with Gibson’s mixed-media works on paper, Seeds unites two gallery artists for their congruous approaches to the desert landscapes of Southern California. Harvesting desert imagery for alternative methods to represent the body, these artists reference the natural world to address socio-cultural experiences, unearthing a liberated state of being that exists within all.

On view: April 8, 2023 – May 13, 2023

What: New Exhibitions
Where: Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles, 616 N La Brea Ave., LA, 90036