Join Dot Red for an ongoing virtual talk and group exhibition in collaboration with “Love in the Time of Corona / a Social Distancing Art Exhibition” with its new beta platform. “This is a challenging time right now for everyone and the Art World is no exception,” said founder Jeremy Quant. “With galleries, museums, and artist studios closing their doors to protect the spread of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), introducing people to new works and quality curation is a challenge. That’s why Dot Red has stepped up to meet this obstacle with a new platform that we’ve been working on for the last year to make artworks and exhibitions more accessible to the public.”

While none of us would have ever anticipated this worldwide pandemic, Dot Red was already in the process of building a virtual space that can offer a healthy option to the traditional walk-in exhibition.  Quant continued, “Our incredible team of creatives lovingly put this together so that art could continue to thrive, even in these times. As artists and creatives, we naturally desire innovation and think outside the box, and this is just one more moment in time where we roll up our sleeves, sketch, plan, and execute.”

Dot Red debuts its first exhibition with BG Gallery, entitled “Love in the Time Of Corona.”   We hope you enjoy, share, and most importantly, express your thoughts as you partake in this new way of exploring art.

Love In The Time Of Corona artists include: Allois, Dan Busta, Max Ernst, Ted Gall, Peg Grady, Serge Hamad, Gregory Horndeski, John Kilduff, Mike Saijo, Ralph Allen Massey, Roberto Matta, Mike Maxwell, Alexander McVickar, Melissa Meier, Susan Moss, Gay Summer Rick,  Ellen Schinderman, Ryan Schude, George Segal,  Dorothea Tanning, Michael Turchin, Francisco Zuniga, Alessandra Perelli, Taft McWhorter, Meghan Hedley and Mickey Avalon.

A portion of the proceeds from this exhibit will go to benefit Meals On Wheels West. Meals on Wheels West provides community-based services that nourish and enrich the lives of our homebound neighbors of all ages by providing nutritious meals, an emergency preparedness program and referrals to other services that promote independent living and wellbeing. There is an abundance of seniors and other immune-compromised individuals signing up to receive meals because they cannot leave their houses due to the high risk of COVID-19. There are a few ways you can help, including volunteer to deliver meals, volunteer to do remote phone reassurance, donate hygiene kits or donate to help purchase meals for the drastically increased number of clients. For more information please reach out to Ashley McGullam at or (310)394-5133×6. 

Dan Busta; photo courtesy of bG Gallery and the artist

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