Written by Anya Baroff  –  The Think Tank Gallery hosted its exclusive opening weekend party of Chilled Air this past Saturday, June 21, 2014.

ChannelCHilledAirreview-8photobyKayteMethven16ing the use of art and culture as a medium to escape the downfall of the Great Depression, Chilled Air’s innovative take on escaping the summer’s heat and provided a venue for creative’s and intellectuals to push the ideals of other Los Angeles galleries.

Think Tank’s Downtown Los Angeles location is in the historic Santee Shopping District and is home to a pristine gallery carved out of a century-old warehouse’s huge second floor and has the ambiance that caters to reflection and inspiration atypical to modern LA galleries.

The three-week long skate festival goes from June 21- July 13 and features local artists and talent. Chilled Air’s integration of art and skating provides an escape from the summer’s heat, and The Think Tank’s exclusive opening party proved to be a refreshing way to celebrate the solstice.

Here’s some more info on Think Tank Gallery:

TCHilledAirreview-8photobyKayteMethvenhink Tank Gallery, Los Angeles is an arts experience space that is indebted to the complexities of a quickly urbanizing world, and caught right in the middle of it. Our space in its Downtown LA location of the historic Santee Shopping District is a pristine gallery carved out of a century-old warehouse’s huge second floor. We blog about things you might have missed but would be interested to see.

Photos by Kayte Methven

Be sure to check out their website at http://www.thinktankgallery.org/