If you love the ocean and care about its inhabitants, CLICK HERE to read my article on our sister site EatTravelGo.com It spotlights Scuba Divers in Bonaire saving the oceans. CLICK HERE to read my main article about the entire trip.

Scientific analysis shows that the future of our planet depends on the health of our oceans. Global climate change, warming oceans, and bleaching of our coral reefs are just a few of the harsh realities that our oceans are struggling to cope with. Careless development and unsustainable fishing practices are also stressing our oceans to the point of no return.

What started out as a trip to rejuvenate from a stress-filled life of deadlines soon turned into an awe-inspiring educational awakening. It all began when I decided that I needed a break to re-charge and disconnect from my busy lifestyle in LA. A trip to Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean was an obvious choice. Bonaire is widely known as one of the world’s best and easiest places to dive, so it was an appropriate place for me to return to diving…after some ten years away from one of my favorite activities.

The trip inspired me to write several articles – Several were posted on other websites in addition to EatTravelGo.com – one for PADI about my underwater adventure, and one more for Arianna Huffington’s new website, THRIVE GLOBAL. The article touts the benefits of un-plugging and re-connecting with one’s inner peace. See my article titled Running Away Never Felt So Good!!