Book review by Kathy Leonardo


Ava Bird delivers a fresh and bold new book of poetry and prose entitled Rage Against the War Machine.


An excerpt from Rage Against the War Machine:
Circumcised Wars
Sometimes I see the residues of War:
Mental Illness,
Broken souls,
Refugees and
Rescue Me!
Last night I saw the word ‘god’ in GenOciDe.
g-o-d, you won’t save me ,
I tried to Hide!
I cried
Over killing sons
For sins
Killing sons
Over circumcised wars
For fools gold

Rage Against the War Machine assaults the dominant paradigm. Taking refuge in honest, yet abrasive verbiage, it withdraws from normalcy, reveling in an outsider’s view of what is expected from today’s society.

Ava Bird’s consistent choice of words embodies the power of the feminine. She stands up for the rights of the underdog while mocking the staunch system created by “the Man.”

Rage Against the War Machine reveals the dark side of capitalist patriarchal America, while still upholding the faith of what could be. Though the language is strong, this book protests with a brave and potent voice against the plight of the innocent. It compels change for the better!

This politically charged book of prose and poetry brings the reader to a new realm. It asks the questions that most cannot bear to acknowledge.  

Rage Against the War Machinecelebrates the power of poetry. Take a journey with Ava Bird, as she embraces the honest pangs of injustice and guards against the intolerance of the world.

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