Our Pick of the week is “Grayscale Wonderland II.”  Opening on Saturday, February 6 at bG Gallery, Yaron-Dotan-Jacob Wrestling the Angel india ink drawn on painted panel 36x48 2015 high res-223x300the artists have been pushed to uncover alternative realities through images devoid of color. This will be the 2nd incarnation of the gray scale exhibit featuring over fifteen artists.

See image: Yaron Dotan, Jacob Wrestling the Angel, india ink drawn on painted panel 36×48 2015

For the exhibition curator, Om Bleicher has chosen two surrealistic black and white works from artist Scott Horton. “His black and white digital works combine a cool early Mac classic clip art work in interesting complex surreal ways,” explained Bleicher.

Horton in turn said he was looking forward to showing at Bergamot Station and at bG Gallery. “I’m excited to show to an audience that has a love and appreciation for the many facets of grayscale works,” said Horton, who was inspired to create by his college professor.

See Feb6-2016-bGGallery-ScottHorton-symbology-06-grayscaleimage: By Scott Horton, Dreamcathers 06, 48″ x 48″ Archival ink on gloss canvas, 2015, Digital Surrealism

He has spent years honing his craft, and working with various media. “One of my first experiences with an art medium was illustrative (or scratch) board. I gained a great respect for the “Old World” method of illustration, but wanted to create larger, more profound work. So I combined 30 years of experience in etching, digital photo editing and illustration, and looked for inspiration from other artists: the works of Dali, Escher, Magritte and others. From that, I created this illustrative-style of digital surrealism.”

A time consuming process, the artist spends about a year collecting images for these works then roughly three months creating the illustration. “The goal of Dreamcatchers,” explained Horton, “is to draw you into its world; both by the sheer size and by the lines and forms.” Find out more about Scott Horton and his work by visiting his website at http://dreamscolor.com/

PSat-Feb6-bGGallery-HussHardenhotographer Huss Hardan’s work will also be included. “A camera is with me at all times,” said Hardan. He captured the shot in the show as he was driving up the coast to San Francisco. Like many photographers, he knew it would be something special. So he pulled off to the side of the road while a fog bank rolled onshore, and waited for the light to change. He nailed the shot.

See image: by Huss Hardan, 12″x12″ print, matted to 20″x20,” framed, Limited 1 of 15

Huss is also the owner of HUZ Galleries – visit the website to find out more about the photography of Huss Hardan and his gallery. http://www.huzgalleries.com

Feb6-bG-Gallery-terryMarksTarlow-LineFantasy2Terry Marks-Tarlow said she was thrilled to exhibit her drawings at Bergamot Station! “This is a topnotch, cutting edge venue,” said the artist. “I love the idea of a show that is all in black, white and grayscale. Color can be hypnotic and at times distracting. There is something stark and piercing about working without color. There is no hiding behind black and white.”

See image: by Terry Marks Tarlow, Line Fantasy 2, 17″ X 21″ framed.

To find out more about the art of Terry Marks-Tarlow, visit her website at http://www.markstarlow.com

Artist Johnny Naked said he was glad to be included in the show. “I really like the theme of the show! We are so used to color in art, that we often allow it to overwhelm our senses and often take it for granted. We think of black and white and the gray in between as being utilitarian in nature…associated with newspapers, old tv/films, or simple reading. It’s thought of as “just enough” to get us information, something we settle for when the “best” of color isn’t readily available…but it’s capable of so much more than that! This show is an opportunity for people to find beauty in a realm they often think of as being devoid of such.

See image: Johnny Naked, Nude Boy on Rockimage1-2

Visit Johnny Naked’s website at http://www.johnnynaked.com/

Additional artists include: Andrea Castillo, DOSSHAUS, Yaron Dotan, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, David Dumo, Domenico Foschi, Kim Kimbro, Barbara Kolo, Mary McGill, Susan Moss, Johnny Naked, Peta Orbach, Steve Paulsen, Allan Peach, Mick Phelan, Jeehye Shin, Daggi Wallace, Thomas Whittaker Kidd, Melissa Wilkinson, Harry Wilson, Marion Wood, Robert Zagorski, etc.

SeSat-Feb6-bGGallery-Steve-Paulsen-Stitches-18-x-24-Oil-and-Acrylic-on-Canvas-624x460e image: Steve Paulsen, Stitches18 x 24 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

This Saturday, February 6th be sure to stop by bG Gallery for an artist reception taking place from 6-9pm at bG Gallery (#G8A).

What: Opening reception
Where: bG Gallery at Bergamot Station 2525, Michigan Avenue, Space G8A, Santa Monica, CA 90404
When: 6:00pm – 9:00pm – Saturday, February 6, 2016
Phone: 310-906-4211
Website: bgArtGalleries.com