The Man Breakthrough Experience is a two and half day, revolutionary, one of a kind transformational, experiential immersion seminar for women created by Kute Blackson. It is designed to give you the unique insights into understanding men like never before. As well as clearing, healing and transforming the hidden blocks that prevent you from attracting the love you deserve and desire.
In this seminar, you will be taken through a unique transformational process that is beyond note taking, information gathering and theory. The Man Breakthrough Experience is about full participation, authentic transformation and radical results.

You will be guided, loved and stretched in unimaginable ways that are guaranteed to unlock your heart, identity and clear any deep unconscious blocks to experiencing true love in your life, remove the emotional obstacles that limit you and shift the damaging repetitive patterns that prevent you from having the fulfilling relationship you long for.

The Man Breakthrough Experience is about facilitating a breakthrough in your relationship with yourself, with men and as a result your relationship with relationship itself. It is a unique transformational process for women that are ready to let go of whatever is in the way of experiencing big love.

Tickets $297 – get $100 off if you register through – EMAIL To find out more about the workshop and all the benefits, visit the website at