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LAArtParty is an arts and entertainment website. Established in 2010, it is an online go-to guide for what's happening in and beyond the LA area - this includes dining, travel and more.

Founded by journalist, and "Blues Mama" Kathy Leonardo (a longtime performer), the campy site has an unusual slant which will keep you entertained. Leonardo has been writing for the past 15 years about various subjects for the Huffington Post, THRIVE GLOBAL, LA Weekly, etc.

Each month the LAArtParty staff, led by Kathy Leonardo decides which events will be featured. Posted at noon on the Thursday prior to the last week of the month, LAArtParty.com features the Top Ten Art Parties, plus other fun events each month. VIP subscribers find out ONE week prior to the public and receive discounts and invites to VIP parties throughout the year.

See Contact Page to find out how to become a VIP subscriber so you don't miss any more great ART Parties!! See Contact/Rates Page to find out how submit and promote your own events!

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Former Mayor Villaraigosa, Levitated Mass LACMA


Mayor Garcetti

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Pulitzer Prize Winning Food Critic, Jonathan Gold




Shepard Fairey


Bernie Taupin


Actor, Martin Mull


Herb Alpert

 Graham Nash

Graham Nash

Ed Moses


Billy Al Bengston

Larry Bell


Nate Berkus




John Van Hamersveld


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THRIVE GLOBAL: Travel, Well Being!

Check out my THRIVE GLOBAL Byline - This is Arianna Huffington's website - its a great resource for all of you who work too hard - SLOW DOWN and smell the roses. Read my article about just that - at Descanso Gardens and another one about how I dealt with the death of my father while enjoying the High Tea and the beautiful flowers of Huntington Gardens.

See my travel article "Running Away Never Felt So Good" about my trip to Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean, and another trip to NYC's Harlem. That article aslo features music as does my artile about the Malibu Guitar Festival. I also write about food and local restaurants.

Huffington Post: Art, Food and More!

The Huff Post has had a few changes since Arianna Huffington departed...I'm still writing for them. See my byline here for a full list of my articles. Check out a review of Shepard Fairey's solo exhibition. Also here's an article about a Palos Verdes Vineyard...yes wine and food are a big part of my life. I also love music, see a recent article about Paul Simon's effect on all of us here.  

I alo review art - check out my review of Richard Baker's solo exhibition as well as another by Flavio Bisciotti. I'm currently doing art and music reviews and writing about upcoming art events and national art fairs. I also write about restaurants, food events, wine events, theater, designers, and poetry. I also spotlight business owners.

The Argonaut Newspaper Features Articles!


I've been writing for the Argonaut for the past two years. See my recent articles in the Argonaut Newspaper. I write about art events, plus charity events, local businesses and restaurants too.

Westside Today Features Monthly Column... "Art Hopping with Kathy Leonardo"

I'm having a blast writing about art events all over the Westside...

Check out my column "Art Hopping with Kathy Leonardo" in Westside Today.

Westside Today is a pint publication with a circulation of over 90,000. It is part of the Brentwood New, Century City News, Santa Monica Mirror and it's a stand alone publication in Culver City, Beverly Hills, etc.

See my art review of Cherry and Martin's exhibition featuring artist Brian Bress. Here is another review featuring two Culver City art exhibitions in Westside Today.

If you're planning an art event on the Westside in the next couple of months, let us know about the event and why it's so special....email me as EARLY as possible (one month prior) @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Santa Monica Mirror... "Talk of the Town" Features Dining, Art, Performance & More!

I've been witing my column "Talk of the Town" since 2011. I feature Santa Monica, Venice, Marina Del Rey events and businesses. I write about local dining, art, performance, festivals and more.

Check out the Santa Monica Mirror to see a recent art article Click HERE ...or how about a dining article? Click Here or Click HERE. Or perhaps a theatre review...Click HERE!

Remember to keep us posted about your upcoming events the Santa Monica/Venice area. Be sure to let us know all event details and why it's so special....email as EARLY as possible (one month prior) @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Eric Nash Interview Featured In Artillery Magazine

Check out martillery logoy article in Artillery Magazine.

I had the chance to interview artist Eric Nash about his life, inspiration and his recent exhibition, "Western Noir."

LA Weekly...Features Another Article!

HLAWEEKLY logoad another article published. Be sure to check out the LA Weekly.

Read my article here "Google-izing the Venice Art Walk & Auctions."

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WNEWe also now offer early exposure (up to a month early/or a week) with a NEW one time paid listing for your event on LA Art Party. See our Contact Page for more info.

LA Art Party will be posting our weekly event suggestions on Fridays at noon!

We will of course feature selective events Mondays thru Thursdays but will continue to post a full listing of our favorite Weekend Events for FREE.

Be sure to check our Contact Page for more info about how to submit your Friday thru Sunday event for a free listing.